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Every church is a little different. Each extension of the Body of Christ has a unique function. Finding a church for your family can sometimes be a tough task.

I was thinking about what most people might consider the number 1 criteria when looking for a church.  Is it the worship?  The preaching?  Youth program?  All of these are good things, but not the most important.

There’s a phrase that I hear a lot of Christians say about finding a church, but I’m not sure they realize what it means.  It goes like this:

Just find a church that preaches the Bible.

I’ve heard that phrase a lot. I personally believe that it is the single most important thing when looking for a church (that they are preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ – which we get from the Bible!)

But here’s the catch. If you land in a church that preaches the Bible, then don’t get offended when you are confronted by the very things that you refuse to do that are outlined in the Bible!!

  • Don’t get mad when they confront your disobedience to put God first with your money!   (Lev 27:30, Matt 23:23)
  • Don’t get mad when they call out your sexual sin with your boyfriend.  (Heb 13:4)
  • Don’t get mad when they call you to sacrifice, like Jesus did.  (Luke 9:23)

It’s funny to me that for many people this is at the top of their list for their criteria, yet so few in the church like to be confronted with the absolute truth of the Bible.

Just an ironic thought!

And yes…we preach the Bible at Crossroads.

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