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One of the biggest questions we have wrestled with regarding new converts is, “How do we help them take their Next Step once they make a commitment to Christ?”  We have seen almost 170 people make commitments to Christ since launching here Lithopolis.  (That is only the people who have told us, I believe there are more)  We realized early on that we must be responsible to not only help them cross the line of faith but to take their next step as a Christ-follower.

One thing we implemented about a year ago was the creation of a Next Step to give anyone makes a commitment to Christ.  In this kit, we give them a Bible with simple reading plan to get them started, a DVD of a message I preached on Baptism, some cards talking about the essentials of The Bible, Jesus, a relationship with God and more, a journal, and a letter from me congratulating them and helping them take another step.

I think we have done a good job putting together something on a dime.  But we want to make this entire process a little more strategic.

Here are some of the things we want to do to make sure each new believer has every opportunity to make the Next Step.

  • Revamping Guest Services to be more than just an information table, but rather people who call and follow-up with people who get a Next Step personally.
  • We have plans to get a more professional looking box and materials to give out in this kit.  (This portion is very costly and we can’t do it yet)
  • Creating Next Step small groups where people can attend for several weeks and begin to develop a good foundation for their faith.
  • Trying to develop a process to help us capture their stories either on video or written shortly after the moment of salvation.
  • Developing a process to help encourage them to take the next step toward baptism and joining a small group.

These are some of the ideas we have and are currently working on.  If anyone has any thoughts or things we could do to help new Christ-followers take that Next Step, I’d love to hear them.

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