5-Star Weekend Experience

Most everyone that comes to our church will see quickly that we put a major emphasis on our Weekend Experiences.  We recognize that in our culture, it is one of the best ways to reach people with the Gospel.  Our environment is darker, with moving lights, haze, videos and more.  Trying to reach an MTV generation is not easy.  Yet, it’s working and people are receiving Christ nearly every weekend at Crossroads.  That’s stinkin’ awesome.

But we are working to make it even better.  Here are few things we are working to help us create 5-star Weekend Experiences.

  • We recently added a production manager that is responsible for the entire experience.  His job is to make sure everything runs well and is done with excellence.
  • We have a short review after the 9am experience to see what needs changed or what can be made better for the other experiences.
  • We are moving toward IMAG.  This would move us one step closer to stream our entire experience online as well as enable us to broadcast to future sites.
  • We are training our Host Experience Team to do everything they can to remove distractions.  There may come a time when you walk out of our auditorium that you will be asked to stay somewhere else to watch the feed.  We aren’t trying to be difficult…we are trying to remove all distractions so people can clearly hear and receive the Gospel.  You can help us do this now by being courteous to those around you.
  • We hope to get our construction going for tearing down the back stage wall and expanding the room by 2,000 sq ft which should let us add more seating and make the stage presence better!

We want everything we do to be 5-star quality.  Our hope is that by the time a guest makes it into the Weekend Experience, they have been greeted, seated and treated with excellence.  At that point, we will present the Gospel through a 5-star Weekend Experience and continue to trust God to lead people across the line of salvation.

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