7 Myths about pastors…

Myth #4 – It is easy for pastors to read their Bible and pray.

Whenever a pastor encourages his church to read their Bible or pray, I know that many people think, “if only it was as easy for them as it is the pastor”. Some people have the idea that it is somehow easier for a pastor to do spiritual disciplines than for others. I can tell you from both sides of the coin (working a secular job and in ministry) that it never get’s easier.

All of us struggle with spiritual disciplines. A pastor is no different. It took me years of forcing myself to do spiritual disciplines before it became a habit. That still doesn’t make it easy. I have to drag myself out of bed early to make time for God. I sometimes struggle to focus on what I’m reading or even to slow down enough to pray. It is called “discipline” for a reason. It’s not always fun, but you know it is necessary.

I know that it is hard to make time for these things. Many people think that a pastor can just sit in his office and do it while you have to give your time to a company. Let me tell you that I spend my personal time with God at home, outside of my time working for the church. I don’t believe it is fair to challenge everyone else to make time in their busy schedules for spiritual disciplines and for a pastor to do it in his business day and call it “ministry”.

It’s just as hard for me as it is for you! But keep pressing on…it makes all the difference in the world.

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