7 myths about pastors…part3

Myth#3 – Pastors must be nice all the time.

Many people picture pastors like they do Jesus in all the paintings you see of him. Jesus is always portrayed as this blond hair, blue eye nice guy with a little lamb in his arms. Are you kidding me? First, Jesus most likely didn’t have blond hair (he was Jewish). Secondly, Jesus didn’t come to this earth to be a nice guy. He came with a mission. In fact listen to how Jesus describes his being on earth in Matthew 10:34.

“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

Jesus didn’t come to play mister nice guy. He loved people, but that doesn’t mean he was nice to everyone. In fact he wasn’t very nice to the church leaders. He wasn’t very nice to the people in temple selling things. He was blunt…but truthful.

A lot of people think pastors must be peace-loving, non-aggressive, pacifists! That’s a load of crap. Pastors weren’t called to be nice to everyone, they were called to preach the Word and lead the church. Often that requires pastors to do things that many think are not nice. Pastors sometimes have to tell people “no”, I can’t or won’t do that. Some think that makes pastors mean. Pastors sometimes have to sit in meetings and tell people they are being removed from a position because… Pastors can’t lead and be nice to everyone.

Of course that doesn’t mean pastors need to be rude either. But just remember…we’re human just like everyone else.

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