A day I will never forget…

On the heels of our 1EVENT, you might think I’m talking about this past Sunday. It was by far the greatest day of ministry our church has ever known. We still continue to hear the stories of people that gave their lives to Christ that day! But that’s not the DAY I am referring to.

Three years ago today, September 14, we re-launched our church in Lithopolis. It was more than just moving to a new facility, it was a re-launch of the vision of our church.

It was one of the scariest steps I’d ever taken in ministry. I somehow convinced our small core of 100 people to go “all in” with me in buying this property for our church. People gave sacrificially to this church so we could “help people get on the path to God.” What happened that morning I will never forget.

We saw nearly 300 people show up at our launch Sunday. The moment that it all became real was right before our experience. I was standing on the portico of the church see all the cars lining our driveway and backed up onto Lithopolis Rd. It was one of the most fulfilling moments I’ve ever had in ministry. It was like seeing a promise fulfilled!

Today, I want to pause and thank God for EVERYTHING! He has been so faithful to me and this church. I love my church and love what God is doing in it.

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