A special message to our students

Today begins the return of our kids back to school.  I remember what it was like going back to school in the fall.  It’s rough.  I believe the pressures felt in school are among the greatest we ever face in our life.  There are so many pressures to conform and do whatever it takes to fit in.  Parents, this post is for your students.  Share it with them.

My students,

I want you to know that I am praying for you all day today.  I am praying that God will use you this year to be a leader in your class and not just a follower.  I am praying for your safety and for you to make wise decisions.  I am praying that you will be courageous enough to reach your friends for Christ.

Don’t be afraid to show your faith.  That doesn’t mean you have to be weird and spiritual all the time.  But don’t be afraid to stand up for those who are picked on, don’t be afraid to resist temptation, and don’t be afraid to speak up about your God and your church!

You might be in one of the hardest places of your life, but you are also in one of the greatest opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives.

I believe in you.  Be bold and know your pastor is praying for you!

One thought on “A special message to our students

  1. Thank you for praying for my children. Your prayer and thoughts regarding the beginning of the school year….awesome. Also, last nights message was great. Thanks for all that you do Pastor Tim…and your staff.
    The Ward-Burrow Family

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