A vision that wont let us rest

Well, this past weekend I shared some exciting news about our next step as a church. As we are wrapping up our current construction project in the next 3 months, we are already poised to take our next step as a church. We are going to expand our auditorium to make more room as we continue to fill our current auditorium.

As long as we continue to reach people with the Gospel, I believe we will always be growing. Which means we will have to expand to meet that need. Here we find ourselves again with a bigger vision than our bank roll. It creates another situation where our need is greater than our resources.

But isn’t that where faith lives? Faith lives in the gap where our need is greater than our resources. Actually, I am excited about another opportunity to see God’s provision for His vision!

I thank God for what He has done through our church to this point, but I know that what He has called us to is not over. We cannot rest. We cannot put it on cruise control and just take it easy! God won’t let me do that and I won’t let our church do that.

If your vision will allow you to rest and take it easy…it is WAY to small!

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