AI is back!

American IdolAmerican Idol is back!  The craze has begun.  I must admit I enjoy watching like the rest of the world.  I don’t know what it is that draws us to the show.  Maybe it’s seeing people who will do just about anything to become an American Idol.  Perhaps its the people who sound like a cat being drug behind a truck that brings a smile to our face.  I personally enjoy the performances later into the show.

Watching the show this year has made me realize that far too many people will do anything to become an Idol.  You see the heartache in the people who get rejected.  You’d think their life was over.  I think many of them need a little perspective.  Here’s some.

This life is short.

You can’t take anything with you.

No one will remember how great you were in 25 years.

How often do we lose sight of that perspective?  The only thing worth truly giving our lives to is serving Jesus Christ.  I will gladly give up fame and fortune in this life to achieve something that will last forever.  Enjoy the show…but keep some perspective.

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