An unexpected encounter

In my devotion time today, I was reading about Saul (Paul) in the book of Acts. It was almost as if I was reading it for the first time. Saul was a real nasty dude to the Christians. He went after Christians to throw them in prison. He was on that same mission to Damascus when something unexpected happened…he encountered Jesus. (Acts 9)

In just that one small encounter with Jesus, his life was changed FOREVER. He went from persecuting the Christians to being persecuted as one. Only a REAL encounter with Jesus can cause someone to do that. And that is exactly what we need to see in the lives of the people who come to the church today.

My prayer is that when people come to our church that they will have a real encounter with Jesus. Not with me, not our band, not our greeters, but Him. I believe that if they encounter Jesus, they will be changed forever.

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