Are you planted?

The trend in today’s culture is to be a consumer. Let’s face it, our economy is built on consumerism. We are driven to shop until we find the perfect deal, the right outfit or the latest electronic gadget.

Unfortunately, we also tend to have a consumeristic spiritual mentality. We approach God with a to-do list of all that we need from Him. We also like to shop church until we find a church that has our taste in music, big parking spaces so we don’t get door dings and preaching that doesn’t get too personal. The moment we don’t like the product…we find another one.

The problem with this mentality is that we never grow. We run away from challenges. We are never held accountable. In week 3 of our series, I Love the 80’s, I shared a message called “Are you planted?” Perhaps this will inspire you to dig deep roots so you can experience real growth.

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