Barriers – Part 3

One of the most difficult things for a person with vision and drive to do is to sit still. I struggle with it all the time. I always want to be moving forward. But just because we want that doesn’t mean we are moving in that direction. Often we will have to make the appropriate changes or moves to get us there.

One of my favorite definitions for stupidity is to do the same thing but to expect different results. Unfortunately, we often don’t realize that what got us here won’t get us to the next level. The things that we did to move us beyond 125 will not be good enough to move us beyond 400. We can’t just keep doing business as we have and hope to break the barrier. We must be willing to make possibly some very difficult decisions.

What difficult decision is staring you in the face that you need to make? Perhaps you need to hire another sales employee even though you don’t have the sales to justify the position. It’s a catch 22. You need the sales person to move beyond where you are but you can’t afford them where you are. There are times in business and in church growth where you have to take a risk.

Perhaps you need to get rid of someone who can’t move with your organization to the next level. Do you have a leader that can’t handle the larger growth? If that is the case, you might have the difficult task of moving them to another position in your organization or releasing them. That can be a very hard conversation to have. But if you are not willing to have them, you will stay where you are.

This can apply to your personal life as well. What changes do you need to make that are maybe hard to do but are necessary for your spiritual growth? Do you need to cut off a relationship that isn’t leading you closer to Christ? Do you need to stop a sinful habit that is hard to give up? Do you need to cut down your hours at work to address your marriage?

You must be willing to make the changes if you want a breakthrough!

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