Believe Christmas!!!

Christmas is only a week away, and we are getting ready to celebrate BELIEVE CHRISTMAS at Crossroads.TV. We have combined our campuses to create a joint Christmas Experience you are sure to love. He are a few tips to help us all have a great experience together.

  • GET YOUR TICKETS. It’s FREE, but you need to have a ticket. Why? So that we can make sure that everyone has a seat. If you haven’t already reserved your spot, click here and get your tickets now. We are expecting the largest crowds we have ever had at Crossroads.TV.
  • GO TO BLOOM CARROLL MIDDLE SCHOOL. This year we are hosting our Christmas Experiences at Bloom Carroll Middle School. If you show up this weekend at a Crossroads.TV Campus, you will be the only one there. We will not be having any regular Experience times this weekend. Our Believe Christmas Experiences are Saturday, December 21st at 5:00PM and 7:30PM and Sunday, December 22nd at 4:00PM and 6:30PM. Bloom-Carroll Middle School is located at 71 South Beaver Street, Carroll, OH 43112. That’s the place to go.
  • COME EARLY. The best experience happens when everyone is in their seats and ready to go when it starts. In respect of the volunteers, the worship band and everyone else, just make sure that you are there before it begins…and you won’t want to miss the first element or song!
  • BRING SOMEONE WITH YOU. We will be sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Do you know anyone who needs to hear this message? Do everything you can to get them to here this weekend. It may just change their life forever.
  • COME READY. Be ready to celebrate Jesus. Be ready for Christ to move in our church.  Be ready to enjoy yourself and have your heart moved. Come expecting something big.
  • BE PRAYING.  Would you join me in praying for all the guests who will be in our church during this season?  Would you believe with me that Christ is going to reach down and save many?  Be in prayer!

I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with my church family!

Merry Christmas.

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