Borrowed Inspiration

I am the type of person that needs and wants to be inspired. I don’t like preaching a message if I don’t feel inspired by it. I want to be inspired and inspiring to others in all that I do. But sometimes, I don’t feel inspired.

This might be you right now. Maybe you have a lack of inspiration for your marriage, or your finances or your career. Perhaps you have a lack of inspiration for the ministry God has called you to lead. What do you do when you feel a lack of inspiration? You could do what most people do…quit!

This is why many pastors leave the ministry. They don’t feel inspired to be there anymore so they quit. This is also why so many people in the church quit leading an area of ministry, because they aren’t “feeling it” anymore. But what we must realize is that our “calling” is not always connected to our “level of inspiration”.

I have those moments of feeling totally uninspired. But I don’t think about quitting…I think “where can I borrow inspiration from?”

When I feel uninspired, I stop what I’m doing and take a walk and simply talk to God. At other times I will just read chapter after chapter in the Bible seeking inspiration. Another way I often get inspired is by listening to other preachers. Believe it or not, you can borrow inspiration from other sources. You’re never too good that you won’t need to be inspired.

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