The Bible tells us not to brag on ourselves (James 4:16), but it doesn’t say I can’t brag on our church. Yesterday, I challenged our church to step up and get involved in our 7 Days of Servolution. The response was incredible. All I can say is our church gets it. They understand what being the church is all about. They know that the church isn’t for us, that the church is for the world. We are the church and we are called to love and serve the people in our backyard. I can’t wait to see the incredible things that God is going to do through our 7 days of serving!

P.S. Crossroads people, don’t forget to invite as many friends and family as you can to join us Easter Sunday. We are kicking off a new relationship series called “The Hookup”. It’s going to be awesome!

5 thoughts on “Bragging!

  1. tim that is why i LOVE my church. crossroads starts at the top showing love and compasion for the lost and so many people , old partners to new ones have gotten the fire in them. thanks for the example and thanks to everyone else that carries that torch. you all dont know how much i love you all

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