This week you won’t be hearing much from me by way of the blog. My family and I are heading to Florida for a short get away trip. Taking the girls to Disney!!

I am looking forward to a short break from work, but will still be with the church in thoughts. It is so hard for me to disengage from this church because I LOVE THIS CHURCH. God continues to do amazing things as we saw several people take Next Step kits this past weekend. I am so pumped about our future. I believe we are on the verge of something incredible and we are preparing for it now.

Just a short reminder for the church in case you missed this past Sunday. Get your Christmas Eve tickets NOW. Tickets for two of the four services are almost gone. If you haven’t made plans yet and are flexible, please consider the 6pm on the 23rd or 3pm on the 24th. The other 2 are pretty much sold out.

Don’t forget to congratulate our new Executive Pastor, Joe Miller, on his new position at the church and for the birth of his 2nd child, Addison. She was born early this morning. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, then apparently you missed church on Sunday. Stinks to be you! It was AWESOME!

I will write again sometime next week.
Until then…

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