Can you see the future?

Of course we can’t see the future. If I knew the future, I would have hit the Powerball when it was over 1 billion! But that shouldn’t keep us from dreaming of a better future. That idea might be the simplest definition for vision – a dream of a better future. The irony about vision is that it usually is spoken of something we can’t currently see. People with vision usually only have a mental picture of the future they want to see.

Imagine how powerful it would be to have an entire church that shared a collective vision for the future? That’s what makes the church so powerful. When the church gets behind a unified vision, it becomes one of the most powerful movements on the earth. We don’t know the future, but we serve a God who does.

I want to make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to receive this vision for our church. I am holding a vision night for each campus in the next couple weeks. I want you to be part of this vision. In fact, the vision that God has given to me will only become possible when the church receives it and runs with it. We have to receive it and to run with it!

Make plans and arrangements to meet at your campus in early February to get the vision I want to download to you! It’s going to be a powerful time of worship, inspiration and vision! Childcare will be provided!

Lancaster VisioNight – Wednesday, February 3rd at 7pm (Lancaster Campus)
Lithopolis VisioNight – Tuesday, February 9th at 7pm (Lithopolis Campus)

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