Capturing Creativity

I have found it is often hard to plan inspirational or creative moments. I have weekly creative meeting to do just this for our weekend experiences. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it seems you come away feeling you exhausted your time and efforts with little to show for it.

It’s odd, but sometimes the most inspiring and creative ideas come to me at the weirdest times. I could be mowing the grass or riding along in the car when a creative message idea pops into my brain. It stews around in my mind for a bit and I think, “This would be a great way to preach on…” or “This would be a great illustration to present this biblical concept.”

Unfortunately, what so many of us do, including myself, is we don’t capture the creative moment. We then get distracted by the next thought and a few hours later we struggle to remember what inspired us. I have forgotten so many thoughts or ways to communicate something perhaps God wanted me to express.

For the past few months, I have determined NOT to let those thoughts or creative sparks get away. I usually get out my phone and email myself my ideas or I write them down in a notebook I keep with me. I do what I can to capture the feeling and message I’m downloading.

Recently, I came across this post from Steven Furtick that really confirmed the need to capture these moments. What challenged me was the emphasis he put on the “responsibility” we have to God for what he inspires in us.

Do you have a plan to capture creative thoughts your Creator is giving you? It could be a business idea or something to share with your family. Keep some small notebooks around or use an electronic device to capture your creative moments.

One thought on “Capturing Creativity

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