The Blessing of 10

Two weeks ago I shared a messaged called “The Power of 10.” It’s about the vision that I shared with our church to reach 10,000 people and to give away at least 1,000,000 each year in outreach. If you missed that message, you should take a few moments to watch […]

I don’t like watching movies again.

I personally don’t like to buy movies. After I watch a movie, I rarely ever want to watch it again. Of course, there are some exceptions. (Elf, Rocky IV, Christmas Vacation, etc.) It’s just not exciting for me to watch a movie that I’ve already seen before. I already know […]

Who has your back?

Who has your back? If your world starting sinking, who would know where to find a life perserver? Who would step in and lend a helping hand? If you aren’t sure how to answer that question, then perhaps you are swimming through this life alone! We are in a message […]

Maybe you forgot

I can hardly contain myself.  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas.  All of a sudden, I’m so excited for…EASTER!!  I’m not saying that because I’m a pastor.  It has nothing to do with our church services either.  I’m just excited to gather with thousands of Christians and declare […]

Noah: Movie Review

I finally got to see the much acclaimed and somewhat controversial movie Noah. It has drawn a bit of criticism from the Christian community.  I am not naive enough to think that Hollywood would try to “share a message” through this film.  However, I thought I would share a few of […]

5 Reasons

We are only a few weeks away from Easter, and we are excited about the potential that is in front of our church. This is an opportunity to see many lives changed with the greatest news this world can hear! As a church, we experience these types of seasons that […]

Who doesn’t like a good story?

This past weekend, we launched a 7 week series called The Story. This is something I’ve wanted to do for almost 2 years now. I truly believe that many are intimidated and overwhelmed by the Bible. It’s a really big book with some difficult concepts to grasp. It’s the only […]