Sunny Days

What can I say…the beach is beautiful. We weren’t real sure what the weather would be this week, but so far it has been pretty good. The sun is shining right now and it is about 85 degrees. We have been laying out in the golden sun, playing football in […]

Review: Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Book Review:  Overcoming Barriers to Growth (Michael Fletcher) This was one of the first books I read when we were stuck at our first growth barrier.  This book was incredibly helpful from a structural point of view.  As I read the first chapter, it was like reading about our own […]

Review: In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

Book Review: In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day (Mark Batterson) I reviewed Mark Batterson’s other book yesterday. Today, I might as well talk about his first book. This book is based on a short passage in the bible about one of David’s bodyguards, Beniah. Mark has […]

Review: Wild Goose Chase

Book Review:  Wild Goose Chase (Mark Batterson) I picked up 2 of Mark’s books several months ago at the recommendation of another pastor.  I read this book first and didn’t want to put it down.  Mark shares some incredibly insightful things about Bible stories we are all to familiar with.  […]

Review: It

Book Review: It (Craig Groeschel) Much of the Christian Community looks to Craig Groeschel for leadership and innovation in the church today. He pastors, a church that now reaches over 25,000 people each weekend with around 13 campuses around the US. Craig has experience incredible momentum in ministry and […]

Review: Communicating for Change

Book Review: Communicating for Change (Andy Stanley) I finished Andy Stanley’s book “Communicating for Change” about a month ago. It is now on my “must read again” list. In this book Andy shares some real tangible practices for communicating in a way that brings life change. This is not just […]

Learning Leaders

One thing you will hear almost any leadership guru say is that if you are not a “learner” you will not be an effective “leader”. I have taken that to heart over the past year and have challenged myself to become a better leader through learning. Over the next few […]

7 myths continued…

7 Myths about pastors continues… Myth#2 – Pastors are ‘holier’ than other Christians. I have experienced this and so has every pastor. People think because you are a pastor it somehow makes you ‘holier’ than everyone else. This is often why so many pastors crumble under the weight of expectations. […]

7 myths about pastors

Over the next several days I’m going to write about 7 myths people have about pastors. A lot of people have ideas about what it means to be a pastor. Many come from their childhood or when their parents made them go to church. Some are picked up from watching […]

Crave adversity

None of us like problems.   We hate when our car breaks down and they tell us it is going to cost $1200 to get it fixed.  We freak out when our furnace dies in the middle of the winter and we have to consider selling one of our kids to […]