How about a free shirt?

Everyone loves free, right? Sure enough, we are going to give out a free shirt to everyone who attends on the weekend of May 7/8th. But what this shirt represents and why we are giving it away is the real reason I wanted you to read this. We are in […]

The Blessing of 10

Two weeks ago I shared a messaged called “The Power of 10.” It’s about the vision that I shared with our church to reach 10,000 people and to give away at least 1,000,000 each year in outreach. If you missed that message, you should take a few moments to watch […]

Are you Red-E?

We are two weeks into our Build The House series, and I couldn’t be more fired up! This past weekend I shared a ten year vision for our church. I truly believe that we can run after something big because we have a BIG God. God is passionate about His […]

I don’t like watching movies again.

I personally don’t like to buy movies. After I watch a movie, I rarely ever want to watch it again. Of course, there are some exceptions. (Elf, Rocky IV, Christmas Vacation, etc.) It’s just not exciting for me to watch a movie that I’ve already seen before. I already know […]

Can you see the future?

Of course we can’t see the future. If I knew the future, I would have hit the Powerball when it was over 1 billion! But that shouldn’t keep us from dreaming of a better future. That idea might be the simplest definition for vision – a dream of a better […]

What’s on your Christmas list?

What do you want for Christmas? Are you one of those people that has a list ready to give to the first person that asks? Or does that question catch you off guard, even though you know people are going to ask? I never have a good answer to that […]

Who has your back?

Who has your back? If your world starting sinking, who would know where to find a life perserver? Who would step in and lend a helping hand? If you aren’t sure how to answer that question, then perhaps you are swimming through this life alone! We are in a message […]

My response to the state of our nation!

As we prepare to celebrate our Nation’s independence this weekend, I have so many mixed emotions. I love our country and everything that America has represented in this world. Yet, so much has transpired in our country in the past few weeks that can leave us with questions about the […]