How about a free shirt?

Everyone loves free, right? Sure enough, we are going to give out a free shirt to everyone who attends on the weekend of May 7/8th. But what this shirt represents and why we are giving it away is the real reason I wanted you to read this. We are in […]

Can you see the future?

Of course we can’t see the future. If I knew the future, I would have hit the Powerball when it was over 1 billion! But that shouldn’t keep us from dreaming of a better future. That idea might be the simplest definition for vision – a dream of a better […]

My response to the state of our nation!

As we prepare to celebrate our Nation’s independence this weekend, I have so many mixed emotions. I love our country and everything that America has represented in this world. Yet, so much has transpired in our country in the past few weeks that can leave us with questions about the […]