Do miracles still happen?

As you read through the pages of a 2000 year old book known as The Bible, you are confronted with impossible stories. Whether reading about the sun not setting for 24 hours, water coming out of a rock or about a man who was dead for three days and came […]

The Blessed Life Q&A: Gross or Net?

After this past weekend’s sermon on “The Curse of the First,” I received a couple of questions that I will attempt to answer on my blog this week.  I think the idea of tithing is one that troubles most Christians.  Most of us want to return to God the First, […]

Your Glow Christmas Instructions

Christmas is only a few days away, and we are feverishly getting ready to celebrate it at Crossroads. As we approach our Glow Christmas Experiences, I wanted to share a few instructions for all who will be attending. Follow these instructions, and you will have an amazing Christmas at Crossroads. […]

Weekend Recap

This weekend we closed out our series Code of Honor. I have really enjoyed teaching on this subject. This weekend was Memorial Day Weekend, and we included a special Moment of Silence video in the worship experience. Check it out along with some of the highlights of the message. As […]

Encore!! Encore!!

Every concert I’ve ever attended ends with people wanting more. I think sometimes when we thoroughly and properly teach the Bible, it can leave people wanting more. That is my goal as a communicator of God’s Word. I want to leave people so intrigued by what it says that they […]

Numb isn’t always good

Yesterday I had to pay the dentist a little visit.  I had 2 small cavities that needed filling.  That is never a fun experience.  As I left the dentist office with half of my face numb, I thought about the good side and down side to being numb. Sometimes being […]

Weekend Recap

This past Sunday we continued asking the question, “What do I love?”  This series is not a pick you up and make you feel good series, but rather taking a dose of truth serum from the Bible.  We’ve been talking about the challenging statements from the Bible about what it […]

A scary statement

Been trying to wrap my head around something Jesus said.   In Luke 9:23, Jesus made this statement: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Now, we use this verse a lot in church.  We say it every time […]

Syncopated Answers

The feeling we often get when we pray for something and nothing happens is that God said “No”.  But that’s not always the case.  Just because something doesn’t happen the moment you pray, doesn’t mean God hasn’t ALREADY answered it.  It might just be that you haven’t seen the answer […]