That’s the number of people who took their next step in following Jesus this past weekend in our church – 185. One hundred and eighty-five people got baptized. Can we pause for a moment to consider that God is building something great in our church? BTW- that’s over 10% of […]

How about a free shirt?

Everyone loves free, right? Sure enough, we are going to give out a free shirt to everyone who attends on the weekend of May 7/8th. But what this shirt represents and why we are giving it away is the real reason I wanted you to read this. We are in […]

The Blessing of 10

Two weeks ago I shared a messaged called “The Power of 10.” It’s about the vision that I shared with our church to reach 10,000 people and to give away at least 1,000,000 each year in outreach. If you missed that message, you should take a few moments to watch […]

Are you Red-E?

We are two weeks into our Build The House series, and I couldn’t be more fired up! This past weekend I shared a ten year vision for our church. I truly believe that we can run after something big because we have a BIG God. God is passionate about His […]

Can you see the future?

Of course we can’t see the future. If I knew the future, I would have hit the Powerball when it was over 1 billion! But that shouldn’t keep us from dreaming of a better future. That idea might be the simplest definition for vision – a dream of a better […]

Don’t say NO for them.

Last week I stopped by the Post Office to mail something.  It felt so foreign to even do that! Who mails things anymore?  As I was waiting in line, I heard the Post Office worker talking to the lady in front of me about Easter.  They were both reminiscing about […]