Changing the World

Last week I preached to a bunch of world changers in my church. That’s what I believe about them. I believe that all of us have the ability to do great things for God, because He put that in us. I believe we can change the world.

Having a dream or vision to change the world seems pretty…impossible. I mean we know that the Bible says that evil is only going to get worse. We know that in the end Jesus has to return to rescue us.

Perhaps, changing the world doesn’t mean changing the “entire” world, but rather changing the world as we know it. I do believe that we can do that. We can have such an impact in OUR world that it changes. I believe this because the power to do that lives within us! (Acts 1:8)

In case you were wondering how in the heck we are going to do it, it’s simple. One life at a time. If I invite people to hear the Gospel and to see the Gospel in me, that will have some impact. But if all of us do that…we will change OUR world.

Let’s start this weekend. Bring someone with you to our final week of F Word. I am going to simply share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that it has the POWER to save people. (Romans 1:16)

All we have to do is invite people to hear it!

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