Christmas: The Season of Giving

This season we are taking up a special Christmas Offering.  This is something we began last year and plan to continue doing each year.  Some people might be skeptical of the church for doing this, but I have come to realize this is an opportunity to position ourselves to impact lives for Christ.  (After all, isn’t that why He came?)

This year the focus of our Christmas offering is a little different. We are still going to try to help people within our church community who are REALLY struggling financially, just like we do throughout the year. We feel that any chance we have to literally meet people’s needs in a real way will open their hearts to Christ.

Yet, as we have continued to grow, the realization that we can’t fix every situation is hitting us. Trust me, we WANT to. I wish that we could help every family who we knew were struggling.  But we simply can’t.

So this is what we are going to do. We are going to take part of the Christmas Offering and help those we know within our church who are really struggling. I’m not talking about the family that says “We only have a couple hundred dollars for Christmas this year, and we could use some help.” I’m talking about the family that might have their lights or heat shut off. I’m talking about people who are literally running out of food and have no money to buy more. We want to do something to immediately bring hope to those hopeless situations.

If you know someone who fits this category, let us know (email:

We are going to take the rest of the offering and use it to help people spiritually. What does that mean? It means we are going to use what is left to help us continue to expand our opportunities to share the Gospel. Here are some of the ways we want to accomplish this:

  • Raise the money we need to expand our auditorium so we can seat hundreds more.   I believe if we could increase our space we’d increase our harvest!  (You can give online to the Wall Campaign)
  • Put our plans in motion to find and launch our first satellite site.  This alone would allow us to reach more people at further distances from us.
  • Position ourselves to be ready to respond to whatever God calls us to do.

I have a big vision for this church.  We plan to do everything we can to de-populate hell and populate heaven.  When you give this season, do it generously.  Do it knowing that you are playing a significant part in affecting people’s eternities.

We will have Christmas Offering envelopes available this weekend for anyone who wants to give this or next weekend.  If you want to give now, you can do so online.  Please designate it “Christmas Offering”.

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