Church shouldn’t ACT churchy

I believe that many people are turned off to church because of how people in the church act on Sunday.  I have some friends that I have been trying to get to come to church.  When I invited them to come they all basically said, “We aren’t good enough for church”.   Maybe you’ve heard someone tell you that lightning would hit the church if they stepped foot in it.

I’ve long wondered why people feel that way about coming to church.  Then it hit me.  It’s because of how we ACT.  Too many Christians act like they are perfect when they are in church.  They act pious and holy even though they aren’t.  Too many people in the church have given uncomfortable stares to people with piercings, tattoos or dress that they would consider inappropriate for church.  As a result we have made people who need Jesus the most feel unwanted, unwelcome and unworthy.

I’m ready for people in the church to simply be themselves at church.  I don’t dress up when I’m at church because I don’t dress up during the week.  I own one suit and it only comes out when I marry or bury someone.  I call it my “marry ’em bury ’em suit”.  I don’t talk like a monk in a monestery when I’m at church because I don’t talk like that during the week.  I am willing to admit my flaws so that others will know I’m not perfect… I’m just trying to follow Jesus.  Let’s face it, I’m not perfect and neither are you.  Let’s just be ourselves and maybe people who need Jesus will feel that they fit in with us.  Maybe if we don’t act churchy, the world will want to come to church to meet Jesus.

370 thoughts on “Church shouldn’t ACT churchy

  1. AMen!!!
    My kids are starting to have an interest in church again thanks to feeling accepted and having some common interests with people in church, they are treated like real people by real people~
    Thank you!

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