Conference Time!

Yesterday we hit the road.  ROAD TRIP!  I am taking staff and leaders from our church down to the Unleash conference at NewSpring Church.

What most people don’t know is that God used a church conference to literally change me and how I approached leading the church.  My first real church conference was the C3 conference in Dallas, TX in 2007.  I came home a different person.  It was there that I was introduced to the strategy for the vision God put inside of me.  I cannot say enough how much it influenced me.

Now, I get the pleasure of taking many from our church to another great conference.  Here’s my hope for this trip.

  • Build unity in our team!  (Nothing works better than 16 hours in vans.)
  • Learn something new about ministry.
  • Each of us would hear from God personally.
  • We could enjoy worship experiences without having to plan or sweat them!
  • Get refreshed and filled up!

Please pray for us to have safety and to come back inspired, renewed and ready to push forward!

P.S. – I will be releasing information regarding us hosting our own conference soon!!

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