Dealing with your ADD

Is it a wonder that so many people consider themselves (without a medical diagnosis) ADD in our current culture?  I find myself so easily distracted on a daily basis.  Maybe our fast paced, overstimulated, caffeine addicted world has helped create short attention spans.   We simply live our lives and our faith through the veil of ADD.

If many of us within the church feel this way, then what is to keep the church from being this way?  The only thing that can keep the church focused is knowing why it exists.  There are a lot of good things that our church can do, but only one takes the cake for me – helping people get on the path to God.  In our community there are so many people going through life unsure of the purpose of life and their future.  To me the greatest thing we can do is prepare people for an eternity with God.

That means we must always work to narrow our focus.  We must remember that we are here for the world and not for ourselves.  We must be willing to lay aside our own agenda to fulfill the mission God has given to us.

I must always remember that is MY job to help someone get on the path to God.  Beyond that everything is a bonus.

11 thoughts on “Dealing with your ADD

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