Defying physics

Momentum is that intangible factor that everyone wants.  It’s what keeps you moving up and to the right.

Every corporation wants momentum in their market.  Every sport’s team wants momentum to the championship.  Every person wants momentum in their finances.

We know that life gets easier the more momentum we gain.  It’s simple physics.  It’s harder to begin pushing a stationary object than it is to keep a moving object rolling.

While that might be true in most facets of life, it isn’t true spiritually.

If we need a kick-start spiritually, the good news is that God is the one who begins the ball rolling.  He moves in our life so we can take our next step. You might think that if you could just take a step to break your addiction that the urge will get easier to manage.  You might think that if you could just get started reading your Bible, it will get easier the next day.

Truthfully, it actually gets harder!  Spiritual momentum defies physics. The more you take strides toward God, the harder each step gets. Here’s why. You have a spiritual enemy that doesn’t want you to move closer to God.  Physics doesn’t account for spiritual opposition.

Satan wants to steal, kill and destroy you (John 10:10.)  That’s why anytime you make a decision to move one step closer to Christ, you feel that life gets harder.

– If you decide to move out of your boyfriend’s house so you can honor God with your relationship, expect opposition in that relationship.
– If you decide to read your Bible every day, expect distractions!
– If you decide to start a small group to help invest in others, expect challenges.

Spiritual momentum defies physics. It requires full commitment and dedication to push through the obstacles.

Life won’t get easier the closer you get to Christ and His calling on you…it will just be more worth living!

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