Delegation – Part 3

Knowing what to delegate is almost as important as knowing who we should delegate to? That is so important. As I continue to lead a growing church I realize I must embrace delegation even more. But everyone who knows me knows one of my core values in life is Do everything with EXCELLENCE. I hate doing things half way. I would rather take twice as long and get it done right. Doesn’t help that I am somewhat of a perfectionist. (Praying God will free me of that curse!)

I shared with my staff this week some thoughts on delegation as we all lead areas of ministry with many volunteers. I told them you must make sure you have 3 things well defined before you “release” someone with a responsibility in delegation!

Vision – Do they understand and know your vision? Before you empower someone to take on a responsibility make sure they have a clear picture of your vision. Before I released some of my core leaders I spent time with each of them talking about the vision I had for each area. Once I knew they shared my vision – I felt at ease with releasing them to LEAD it.

Competency – Are they competent to handle this? Too often we just look for warm bodies in the church rather than gifted and qualified candidates. If we are going to take the church or any organization to the next level, we have to move beyond availability to competency. Give this person a smaller task or two and see how they perform. Continue to evaluate their competency level before fully delegating the responsibility.

Expectation – Do they know what you expect? Expectations must be clearly set early. If someone understands that they are expected to perform or work with excellence then they will strive to meet that standard. If not, you more than likely will constantly struggle to raise the bar with this person.

If you have done your work up front in these three areas, then you typically can feel confident that what you are delegating will get accomplished! Leaders or managers, keep the VCE in front of you when thinking about who you will delegate to. Don’t be afraid to disqualify people you can’t answer “Yes” to all of these questions.

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  1. Pastor Tim,

    From a FireHouse Kitchen Blog that I receive. I find it to be on target for personal, professional, and Church growth of vision. See you Sunday!

    Sixty Seconds for a Three Sixty
    Posted by Christopher J. Naum, SFPE at 7/22/2009 11:50:00 AM

    As I was contemplating the development of a posting for today, one that was intended to pose a few rhetorical questions on Leadership and Cultural Safety, I came across an email forward to me by a good friend Brian O’Malley a motivational speaker, with a proclamation that provided a three-sixty (360) review to a recent strategic alignment meeting I participated in.

    As I looked at the words and phrased statements, it became obvious that these thirty-six words aligned compactly within twelve lines provide a distinct three hundred and sixty degree perspective on much of what each of us should strive for; each day, on each shift, and at every call. These are demanding times that accellerate a variety of emotions, uncertaintly and at times of personal discovery. Regardless of your rank or time in grade, the length of time in your organization, the size and structure of your department or the level of your daily demands and challenges; leadership, mentoring, contributing, setting the example, being at your very best individually or collectively as part of a team, a company or a department is essential and pivotal-Think about it…..

    Find your Energy
    Explore your Strengths
    Discover you Passion
    Expand your Perspective
    Understand your Beliefs
    Choose your Attitude
    Align your Behaviors
    Challenge your Perception
    Define your Success
    Live your Value
    State your Mission
    Proclaim your Purpose

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