Ditching the church mentality

Last night we celebrated the 130+ volunteers who serve at Crossroads Church. It was an incredible night. We gave away HUNDREDS of dollars in gift cards throughout the evening, offered free massages, food and even karaoke. The band led us in some incredible music and I got the honor of sharing my deep appreciation as well as the vision of where we are taking the volunteer ministry.

I told our people we must ditch a church mentality when it comes to volunteering. The church mentality says I’m JUST here because they need this job done or I JUST park cars or I JUST teach little kids. You don’t JUST do anything…you practically demonstrate the Gospel through what you do. We need to realize that every part of what we do reflects the God we worship. (Col 3:23)

I think its time we adopt a Restaurant Mentality in the Church. I truly believe that what the church is serving is the greatest meal around. Jesus said in John 6:35, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” If we believe that, then we must recognize our responsibility in how we present the Gospel.

When you go to a nice restaurant, you are treated like a VIP. Everyone working there knows their main goal is to treat the guests to the best experience they can. When you find a restaurant with incredible food (which the Church is already serving) and incredible service, it creates a buzz. It causes people to want to come back. It’s the best way to evangelize. People tell other people.

I envisioned our volunteers to ditch the church mentality and to think 5-star restaurant. We want every guest who walks through our doors to feel like and be treated like a VIP. Why go to so much trouble? Because they are a VIP. In God’s eyes, each person is a Very Important Person. They matter to God and should matter to us!

We have much in the works to step everything up a notch this fall. We want to go from a 4-start to a 5-star restaurant. And we need more volunteers to do this. If you are not currently volunteering at Crossroads, why not? Be part of what God is doing here. Get off the bench and into the game. The lost world needs you.

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