Do miracles still happen?

As you read through the pages of a 2000 year old book known as The Bible, you are confronted with impossible stories. Whether reading about the sun not setting for 24 hours, water coming out of a rock or about a man who was dead for three days and came back to life, you have to wonder if these stories are real.

How is this possible? Everything we know about science would tell us these things are not possible. Perhaps this is why so many people struggle to believe that The Bible is truly from God. I think many people today might have an easier time believing in God if they didn’t have to accept all these impossible stories we call miracles.

You don’t have to read stories written thousands of years ago to hear about the unexplainable still happening today. I can personally tell you about a few of these stories myself. Maybe, in a way, it’s harder NOT to believe in a God.

What if God is still doing miracles around us everyday, and we just don’t know it? What if you need a miracle…would you believe enough to pray for it? I personally have seen God do miracles, and it gives me the faith to believe He is STILL doing them today.

What do you think? Do miracles still happen?

If you feel that you have experienced an unexplainable situation you would call a miracle, would you take a moment to share it with me?

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