Do you have a problem?

Many people do not realize the impact that porn has on our lives. It not only destroys intimacy and wrecks marriages, but it is a sin and separates us from God. So many people are trapped by this addiction. It begins with a simple magazine that a friend shows you and then becomes something you must have. My guess, is that there are many even in our own church who struggle with an addiction to porn.

For some reason, so many are embarrassed by this problem. They don’t want to continue watching it, but can’t get free of it. Sometimes you can even feel like you are the only one with this problem. Truthfully, many men and women struggle with pornography. If you have a porn problem, you have to TELL SOMEONE. You cannot get free of this addiction on your own power, otherwise you would be addicted!! Tell someone you trust and ask for help.

This week, and are hosting a full week porn event to help people who feel trapped by the addiction of pornography. They are talking with people who have escaped this addiction and helping people get out of it. If you need help with a porn problem, get involved in this event and tell someone!!

Click here to join the PornEvent.

272 thoughts on “Do you have a problem?

  1. Dangerous……..What begins as with peaks at Playboy, progresses to more graphic things. Images become permanently burnt into your memory in some cases. Don’t partake of the enemy’s offering of a plastic, phony version of something God intended to be beautiful in the confines of marriage. It’s not worth it.

  2. I used to be ashamed of my sex and pornography addictions that consumed over half of my life. I now am free, by God’s grace, to share my previous afflictions in order to show others how God’s mercy, grace, and love can even save a wretch like me from the bondage and lies of pornography. God intervened in my life and opened my eyes to the damage I was doing to my life, as well as others lives. God saved me from a life that was going full of shame and depression. I wasn’t living daily, I was dying daily. This life was also surrounded by others who supported this lifestyle, including a fiance who also had a problem with sex. The Devil lied to me from a very young age into thinking that love was sex and the love I wasn’t given as a child could be made up with porn as a substitute. After I was saved, my sins were forgiven but that is not to say that the Devil quits tempting us. This world also has a problem with porn and it is shown to us daily by the lack of morality in society and the attitudes and dress of our men and women in public. Media also shows us that porn is acceptable and we are subjected to its sickness daily. God’s love is what can save us from this bondage. Even though we cannot fully protect ourselves from the temptations, we have God on our side to combat them. We also have the help of other Christians who we surround ourselves with. We have the ammunition to tell the Devil that he is wrong and he can no longer control our lives with his lies. Pastor Tim is right, you HAVE to talk about it. If not, you are filled with shame. I know b/c I did that myself, and it led to a lifetime of depression and almost led to suicide. You are not alone and there are others out there suffering from this addiction. Do not waste another day being in bondage! Reveal your addiction to someone you trust who will commit to help you through it. Be free by also giving it all to Jesus and ask for him to intervene. If you are addicted to porn, I know how you feel. You don’t think you can tell anyone b/c you are too embarrassed. Porn is filthy and no one will understand. God will understand! God loves you and will pull you through it. Take the necessary steps to be free from the shame and start living. There is freedom from this addiction. Temptations will never leave but there is no better life than finally being free from the bondage of porn. God Bless you all. 馃檪

    P.S. Being addicted to porn doesn’t make us disgusting or bad people but it does make us selfish and gullible. We have believed the Devil’s lies too long. I pray for your freedom! Please also to continue to pray for me as well. God is great! 馃檪

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