Do you really want to reach the lost?

If you ask any pastor if he wants his church to reach the lost, you will undoubtedly hear a resounding “yes”. I think that is probably the primary reason most people go into ministry. But just because someone WANTS to reach the lost doesn’t mean they will.

If someone truly wants to reach they lost they will be intentional about it. Jesus was incredibly intentional about it. He went to dinner with tax collectors. He put in the effort to find common ground with them. He was a true friend to them. And as a result he was criticized. (Matthew 11:19)

If we want our churches to reach the lost, we must be intentional about it. We must choose music that connects with the lost. We have done that in our church to the tune of G-N-R, U2, Bon Jovi, and even AC/DC. (Yes, I know we are probably going to hell for that!) We must teach the Bible in a way that makes sense to someone who has never heard of Jesus. (To many “mature” Christians that would be called “dumbing it down”) We must be a church that truly cares about the lost enough to really welcome them to church. (No, that doesn’t mean just giving someone a worship guide when they enter the sanctuary!) And most of all, we must preach the Gospel. How can they respond if they don’t hear it?

We know that we have and will continue to be criticized for playing secular music and all the other things we do to reach the lost. But guess what…we have more and more lost coming to our church every weekend. And many of them are giving their lives to Jesus!

If you really want to reach the lost…you have be intentional about it. You actually have to care. You must build everything you do around them and for them. Jesus came not for the healthy (saved) but for the sick (lost). When you do that…you will reach them.

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