Does God hear me?

Have you ever prayed for something and then…nothing happens?   Even sometimes we pray for trivial things we want God to fix and He doesn’t do it. I’ve prayed this before:  “God, please help my car to start.  I can’t be late for work.”  It didn’t start.

When we pray things and we don’t see something happen immediately we develop ideas or opinions about God that may not be true.  Here are some of the thoughts we entertain when we don’t see prayers answered immediately:

  • God must not care about me.
  • God isn’t really listening to me.
  • My prayers don’t really matter.
  • God can’t fix my problem.
  • God could fix my problem but He won’t.
  • God doesn’t answer MY prayers.

But, what if all of those thoughts aren’t true?  Perhaps it’s how we approach God that matters.  For many of us, we approach God in prayer like we do ordering pizza.

When we order a pizza we want it delivered fast!  (I miss the days of 30 minutes or less or it’s free!)   We tell God exactly what we want like we do the pizza shop:  I want pepperoni, bacon, mushroom on one half and green peppers, sausage and onions on the other.  I want it here in 30 minutes or less too.    And when it doesn’t arrive the way we want as fast as we want, we get upset.

Don’t we often do the same thing with God?  We place all kinds of demands on Him.  God, I need you to give me a better job so I can pay all of my bills…and I need it this month!  God, heal my grandmother so she doesn’t have to have the operation.   God, help my friend come to church with me this week.

While there is nothing wrong with those prayers, we have to realize that God may want to answer us in a different way.

What have you been praying for that you haven’t seen answered?  What thoughts or opinions of God have you formulated because of it?

I’ll share more of what God is showing me about prayer tomorrow.

One thought on “Does God hear me?

  1. In my walk with the Lord, prayer is one of those areas that I’m really starting to work on. I’m ‘trying’ to make a consious effort to pray, not only in the morning but throughout the day.

    By ‘throughout the day’ I don’t mean I stop the car in traffic on the way to work, get out and kneel down over the hood or stop what I’m doing in the office and kneel down at my desk. No, I just try to talk to God (albeit quietly) throughout the day any time something ‘pops’ into my mind that I feel need moved to say to Him.

    Most times it is just a few casual sentences or thoughts (God’s spirit is living inside you BTW!!!), other times it’s a little more serious, such as giving thanks for something in particular, asking a question, or making a request. What does this have to do Pastor Tim’s blog?? stick with me…

    By doing this I’ve started to realize that prayer is not “I speak to God, then silence…..wait….nothing”, it’s something different entirely. You might think this strange but I’ve learned that it is actually an open “two-way” communication link (24/7/365).

    Let me explain, I’ve had a couple experiences recently where during a normal day’s activities I asked God for something ‘trivial’ and ‘poof’ within minutes it was granted. Other times, I made a request, it took awhile, but it was eventually granted. And of course, I’ve ask for things that remain unaswered.

    What I’ve discovered is that by continually ‘conversing’ with God about ‘many’ things the door opens and you begin to realize that He is indeed communicating with you through both answered and unanswered prayers. You just need to learn to be still and pay attention.

    If you only pray ‘sometimes’ when you ‘need something’ or there is a ‘crisis’ and he doesn’t answer immediately (or at all) it’s easy to get discouraged. Let me tell you the truth folks, this is exaclty the way the enemy wants you to feel!!

    As for unaswered prayers?.. difficult question with many scriptural answers, The one that helps me the most personally is found in Matthew 6:8 when Jesus says “…your Father knows what you need before you ask it”.

    Notice the word “need”. God grants us everything that is within His perfect will andor timing for our lives. When a prayer goes unaswered it is not that God doesn’t hear (or care), it is because it’s outside His will at the time we for ask for it or it’s out of His will entirely. We may not understand it, it may hurt, we may get angry, discouraged, etc… but we are His children and as a Father, He loves us and knows whats best!! Just like we do for our children.

    Along those lines, I’ll close with a scripture verse that I look at from time to time. It’s Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”

    The reason I say that I ‘look’ at it from time to time is that it is written on a little tract card that is stuck in the instrument cluster of my old ’92 Pontiac Grand Am. I stuck it there a few years ago when I became a new believer and I really didn’t pay that much attention to it until only recently. Looking back on it now I feel has been there all along for a couple of reasons. 1.) To help me with my thoughts with regards to prayer and 2.) to help me with my attitude when that car finally takes a dump!!

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