Double-edge sword of Creatives

I work with a lot of “creative” people. That’s what we do. We believe very much in doing ministry in a creative way, because we were made in the image of the Creator. I believe that God inspires us with creativity to spread his message of truth. Think about it, the message hasn’t changed for 2000 years and yet we keep having to retell it.

Working around creative people has opened my eyes to the double-edge sword of creative people. Creative people need the flexibility to create. If you suffocate a creative person, their creativity suffers. Let’s face it…creative people do things differently from everyone else. They have a God-given ability to see things that are not and produce them. That’s the definition of creating.

If you work with creative people, understand their mind and work to facilitate their creativity. However, the other side of the sword is that creative people often struggle to organize and accomplish tasks. They often need roped in to focus on one thing and get it done. Somewhere you must find the balance to allow creativity to happen and yet focus that creative energy to produce something powerful.

I am thankful for the creativity in me (albeit not that much) and yet understand the struggle to focus. If I can find harmony between the two, I know I can harness it to create something God can use to impact people. If you are creative…you need both. If you work with someone who is creative…good luck!! ­čÖé

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