I went to Tennessee this past week and our entire family stayed in a big house for a little family get together. We had a great time! While there, my wife and I stayed in the “Dream” room. I called it that because in big letters over the bed it spelled “Dream”.

I love dreaming. Not the kind you do when you are unconscious at night. I’m talking about the type you do when you think about what your “perfect” life would be like.

We are incredible dreamers when we are kids. But somehow the responsibilities and limitations of adulthood seem to rob us of our dreams. Instead of dreaming to be a doctor, veterinarian or super hero, we hope to one day climb the ladder to “middle” management. We take a job to pay the bills rather than chase a dream to be someone we want to be! Too often in life we simply settle!

Every great vision begins with a dream (something that seems almost out of reach). Visionaries always start off saying, “One day…” Most people will laugh and often write them off. But they are the ones who change the world.

Don’t we realize that God can do ANYTHING? He CAN bring our dreams to life! Will he though? Perhaps He will…if we are dreaming of the same things he is. What are you dreams about? What you can build for yourself or what you can do for Him.

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