Do you have any great dreams for your life?  My dream growing up was to be a professional basketball player.  When we are small children we dream of being superheroes, firefighters, or doctors.  Yet, by the time we approach adulthood we have typically settled for lead cashier or to become a supervisor someday.  What happens to our dreams?  Do we suddenly wake up and realize it was simply…a dream?

I believe deep inside all of us we still dream.  We may not have the same dreams we had when we were children, but we still dream.  Some turn those dreams into reality while most simply dream.  The ones who make their dreams come true are the people who never give up on them and aren’t afraid to fail trying.

What dream of yours have you ignored or given up on?  Maybe it was a dream to invent something or to travel around the world.  Perhaps you always dreamed of finishing your degree and working in a different career field.  Whatever your dreams are, don’t be afraid to go after them.  One thing I do know is that I can live with failure a lot more than I can with regret.

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