Easter 2011

It was quite a weekend at Crossroads Church this past weekend. I wanted to take a moment to recapture the events of this weekend and retell them here.

Saturday morning we ended our Impact Week (full week of serving our city) with our 3rd Annual MeggaHunt. We estimate that we had between 1500-1600 people on our property for this event. It capped off an incredible week of serving as we gave 1059 volunteer hours in 1 week to our city. Great job Crossroads for making an Impact through service!

Our Easter Experiences were incredible. I’m especially proud of the opening video that we made, that probably didn’t register with people until the end of my message. (see below) We had 1010 people over 5 experiences and 2 days. I don’t have the final count, but we know that many committed their lives to Christ. I saw teenagers and adults alike walking out with Next Step Kits.

I want to THANK every volunteer and staff member that put in tons of EXTRA hours to make this week such a huge impact for God’s Kingdom. It was amazing. I’m so proud to lead this amazing church.

72:00:00 Video

Images from the weekend!

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