Encore!! Encore!!

Every concert I’ve ever attended ends with people wanting more. I think sometimes when we thoroughly and properly teach the Bible, it can leave people wanting more. That is my goal as a communicator of God’s Word. I want to leave people so intrigued by what it says that they become hungry for more!

As a creative team, we put lots of hours into planning and creating compelling series concepts and message content. I spend hours and hours each week reworking and reorganizing how I want to communicate a biblical value or spiritual truth. Then in one weekend, it’s over!

You know how certain songs on an album become hits?  Well, I believe the same can be true for some of our messages. (Not bragging, just recognizing the response from our church.) Sometimes specific sermons become instrumental in helping people turn the corner in their relationship or with their finances. So why let them just become one hit wonders? If a song is really good, I want to hear it over and over. Why can’t a sermon based on God’s Word be that way to us as well?

This June we are trying something new. We are bringing back something old. Doesn’t seem new, but it is for us. The Encore series will allow you to vote on one of your favorite messages from the past, and we will bring it back. This might just become a staple here at Crossroads.

I want to encourage you to play along. Go to this link and vote on one of your favorite or most memorable messages, and you might just get to hear it again.

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