Expect it!

We all have this picture in our minds of how life should go.

We would always get a raise.
Our car would never break down.
Our stocks would always appreciate.
Our home would sell in 3 days.
And so on… You get the idea.

But honestly, life doesn’t always go as we picture. When it doesn’t, that is when people often fall into depression, anger or even bitterness toward God.

But this shouldn’t surprise us…God told us to expect it!

Ecclesiastes 3 begins by telling us that life will come with ups and downs. (Ecc 3:1-8) Expect it! It won’t always be days of joy. Sometimes you will experience pain and sorry. That’s part of life. That’s what makes the good times feel so good.

That means when life is good…enjoy it. When life sucks…hold on because it will get better again.

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