Extracted – part2

Continuing to use my painful dental procedure as a teaching tool, here’s another lesson we could extract regarding sin.

2) If you don’t deal with it…it will mess you up.

I had always heard that if your wisdom teeth don’t bother you, leave them alone. After all, why did God put them in your mouth if you didn’t need them? I didn’t really have very much pain from them at all. I didn’t want to have them out. But my orthodontist told me something concerning. He said that if I didn’t remove the impacted tooth it would eventually destroy the other good teeth next to it. That got my attention! I didn’t want to think about dentures!

What most people don’t realize is that when we leave sin in our lives without dealing with, it eventually will mess up the rest of our lives. Someone who drinks a little too much on the weekend, doesn’t think it interferes with the rest of his life. That is until it causes strife in his marriage and his kids to want nothing to do with him. The Bible says in James 1:15 that sin when it is fully grown gives birth to death.

While your sin may live under the gums now, at some point it will begin to destroy the good teeth. All sin comes with consequences. You might live it up now and think nothing of it. But I can tell you for sure, at some point it will begin to destroy your life.

What you need is an extraction. Only Jesus can extract the messed up sin from your life. The Bible says in 1 John 1:9, if you confess your sins he is faithful to remove it from your life. It might not hurt now, but it will someday. It’s better to deal with it now.

If you are wrestling with a sin in your life and don’t know what to do, here are some things that might help you extract it.

1) Confess it to God. He already knows, but is waiting for you to invite Him to help you deal with it.
2) Tell someone you trust. I have found that until you confess your sins to someone else, you will never get serious about dealing with it.
3) Remove the tendencies to do it again. If drinking is a problem stop buying alcohol. If pornography is an issue, get rid of your computer or put filters on it.
4) Take it one day at a time.

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