Faith – Part4

Faith is such a crucial part of the life of a believer. Hebrews 11:6 says, “without faith it is impossible to please God”. Unless we live our lives through the eyes of faith we will never be able to please God.

I think far to often we live by our feelings more than we do our faith. If we don’t feel like praying…we don’t. If we don’t feel like reading our Bible…we don’t. We don’t feel like God is near…so we believe he has left us. We are so driven by our feelings in this culture. Do what makes you FEEL good!

But sometimes our feelings and our faith don’t line up. That is when we must choose am I going to be led by my feelings or by my faith. Jesus didn’t FEEL like going to the cross. But how thankful should we be that he wasn’t led by his feelings?

Faith is knowing that reading the Bible will sustain me spiritually and that I need to do it even if I feel tired. Faith is when we know that God deserves our worship, so we do it even though we don’t feel like it. Faith is trusting God to provide everything you need when you feel like hope is lost.

Only when we live by faith can we truly please God. Faith is not SAYING you believe in Jesus…faith is when you LIVE like you believe in Jesus. Live by faith and you can know that God will be pleased.

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