Feeding the 5,000!

This Sunday I am preaching about Jesus’ miracle in Feeding the 5,000.  (This was planned even before the earthquake hit Haiti). As I considered this text, the tragedy in Haiti was on my heart.  Knowing that possibly 140,000 or more people may have lost their lives is tough to imagine.  Watching all the news reports of people just trying to survive with little or no food/water or medical treatment makes me want to do something about it. 

Perhaps I should…perhaps WE should! 

Yet when I watch the news reports and see how big the need is, I think to myself “what can we do?”  It seems there are more people to feed and treat than we have supplies or money.  That sounds like the same situation the disciples found themselves in with the multitudes. And as I read Jesus’ response to his disciples concerns of scarcity, it wouldn’t leave me alone.

Mark 6:37a
But he answered, “You give them something to eat.”

We are called to do SOMETHING not just turn a blind eye. This may be one of the greatest times of need in our world, but I also believe it can be one of the greatest opportunities for the Church to demonstrate God’s love!

This weekend, we are going to take up a special offering for Haiti Relief. We will partner with some faith-based organizations who are leading the way in the relief efforts. I challenge all of us who call ourselves Christ-followers to do something…to give something to help. Come ready to give generously this weekend and impact someone for Christ. And continue to pray for those who are leading the efforts to find survivors and minister to the hurting.

Click here to give online and designate Haiti Relief

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