Get out of the Shadows!

(Disclaimer: This rant is not because of any critic or recent negative feedback. Just thoughts rattling my head about church today.)

I’m tired of rules that say what we can and can’t do in the church. I’m tired of stereotypes made of churches and pastors. I’m tired of people who think they know what church is supposed to be…even though they have never been in church ministry.

It is so easy to allow our past experiences define us today. Why is it that in the church it is easier to live in the shadows of traditions rather than just being real and authentic?!

Why can’t I love Jesus and love MMA fighting?  Why can’t I be real when I preach without worrying if people will take offense to using words like “suck” or “freakin?”   Why can’t I love rock-n-roll and enjoy rockin’ music in church too?

Who says there is a prescribed way to do church?  Just because you always did it one way doesn’t mean there won’t be a more effective way.  That’s like saying automobiles are stupid because we always travel on horses!!

All I know is that Jesus told his followers to go make other followers and to preach the good news.

All the rest are just shadows.

Shadows of how it was done in the past. Shadows of what worked…back then.

I think it’s time we stop comparing everything to shadows.

It’s time to be real, stop judging others and follow Christ passionately!

Whatever that looks like…is what it is.

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