Get your Christmas tickets!

Christmas is almost here.  If you are new to Crossroads, you should know that we go ALL OUT for Christmas.  It has become one of our signature experiences that you don’t want to miss.

This year we are holding 4 experiences in our newly expanded facility at our Lithopolis Campus.  We will offer childcare for ages 3 and under during this experience. We are anticipating around 1800 people, so get your tickets now.

If you are wondering why we use tickets for this experience, let me explain.  The tickets are FREE.  We don’t charge for admission (although we should it will be that good!).  We do this to make sure everyone gets a seat.  If we had 800 people show up at one experience time, hundreds would not get to see it.  To avoid this, we ask everyone to get a ticket for each person in your family that will be attending so we can make sure there is enough room.

Experience Times:
Sunday, Dec 23 & 7pm
Monday, Dec 24 & 1pm, 3pm, & 5pm

We will still be holding regular Weekend Experiences on December 22 & 23 at both of our Crossroasd.TV locations.


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