For those of you who attend Crossroads Church, you got to hear some news that we are moving forward finally with our building expansion. We are closing on the loan this coming Monday! God is so FAITHFUL! We have one more important meeting on Tuesday for a variance. (So keep praying church)

Sometimes I can hardly believe we are at this point less than 1 year after buying our current building and spending every dime as a small church to follow our vision. God is so faithful when you are willing to risk it all for Him and the vision he has given to you. I remember telling my wife as we were taking the plunge last year that I would rather go BIG and chase the vision God has given me and FAIL than to remain where we are! You can never get to where you want to be if you aren’t willing to risk something.

What are you willing to risk for God? Maybe he has called you to start a new business. Are you afraid to leave your safe job to do it? Maybe God has called you to reach your family for Him, but you are afraid they will resent you. If God is leading you to do it…JUST OBEY.

Remember: the greater the risk the greater the reward.

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