Go to church online??

As we continue to grow, we have been embracing technology and how we can use it to share the Gospel. Too many churches think the web is just where people go to find your address and service time. While it can be used to pass on information about you, we are finding that today’s generation is more interested in getting to KNOW you online.

We have begun to make our messages available online for the past 6 weeks and already I’m hearing about its impact. I have heard of people in other countries watching ALL of the messages we have posted online. I have heard stories of people in other states who NEVER go to church going to our website and watching ALL of our messages. I am quickly realizing that we can impact the world like never before because of technology.

Do we think that God’s Spirit can’t move on people watching a “previously” recorded message? Do we think that God is only with us when we are having a service? God is everywhere! Even with the people who are hearing the truth about him through a video online.

So with that…here are some of my dreams for what we can do online in the future.

– Broadcast our entire service online (many churches are already doing this) and even LIVE.
– Provide online LifeGroups for people who can meet in conventional groups.
– Provide service opportunities for people online.
– Provide video training for future leaders in the church
– Reach millions with the Gospel…in their own language (LifeChurch.tv is attempting to do this now)

I can’t wait until we can begin to do these things and I want to credit Craig Groeschel from LifeChurch.tv for pushing the envelope with technology and the Gospel. They are blazing the way for all of these things and the number of lives being changed is astonishing.

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