Grand Opening in Lithopolis

I am pumped for the grand opening of our new building in Lithopolis this weekend.  We have worked hard throughout the entire summer to renovate an old building into a modern facility that we can call home.  The place looks amazing.  I owe a huge thanks to everyone from Crossroads Church that stepped up to make it happen.

I know that God is going to do some awesome things this weekend.  Many in our church have taken the 40 days leading up to our grand opening to fast sweets and desserts to pray for the community and our launch.  I get a sense that everyone in our church is very excited.  I’m assuming it is for the grand opening, but it could be the thought of eating sweets again.  I’m not sure which one.  Either way we are expecting the best and believing God for the results of all of our hard labor.

I’ll try to post some pics of the event next week.

6 thoughts on “Grand Opening in Lithopolis

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